About Griffin ComboUnit Radiators

A simple solution to a complicated situation; Griffin ComboUnits are the perfect combination of an aluminum radiator and electric fan(s). These products are constructed with Griffin 1.25 inch MegaCool tubing, a hand formed, all aluminum shroud, and high performance electric fan(s). The Combo Unit series has been created by Griffin engineering to take all of the confusing guess work out of switching to electric fans. The best fan for the radiator has been selected, the shroud and fan(s) have been mounted to the radiator, and the wiring harness has been provided. The end result is affordable performance cooling straight out of the box. Griffin Combo Units feature slim line fan(s) to accommodate more makes and models while Griffin Combo Unit Off Road products are equipped with thicker heavy duty fans(s). Please measure twice and order once.
**All Griffin ComboUnit products require the removal of engine driven fans.**

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